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Riverside Puppies

Puppies For Sale

First, I want to say, ALL PUPPIES ARE CHECKED BY A LICENSED VET before going home to their new homes. So, if you can not get into your vet immediately, no worries at all. We will use our vet records to cover the health guarantee.

 It is still imperative to see your vet and get your new fur baby an appointment as soon as possible. Please do not exceed time framing to when he or she is due again for vaccines.

I will go over all said canine health records at time of purchase. Dates will be highlighted at when they are due again. 

All puppies come with

Vet Checked

Current Vaccines



Health Guarantee

Puppy Food (Iams Proactive Puppy)

Site updated on December 27th, 2021

   We will do our best to make your purchase and experience with us FABULOUS! Don't forget about Ohio State Sales Tax is on every transaction, plus if you are paying by credit or debit card there is a 3.5% fee added to your transaction.

We are now accepting PayPal for quicker way to place a deposit, there is a $5.00 charge added to your transaction through PayPal. No PayPal account, now worries, we can send link through email or do it over the phone. All deposits, are non-refundable. The links are either placed below the picture or in between the picture and the description.

Remember: If you do not place a deposit to hold a puppy, there is no guarantee they will be here on appointment day. We highly suggest placing a deposit, but it is not required. If you make an appointment the day before travel, and there is no deposit on the puppy, please call before leaving to verify the puppy is still here. Anyone at anytime can place a deposit on a puppy through PayPal or Square Reader.

Policy Changes

Steps to follow:

1. Transfer of puppy will be held outside of my home. We are asking for you, the customer, to practice social distancing. Please do not leave your vehicle. I will bring everything to you. This way you and I both can stay the distance away to meet all guidelines set forth by our Governor, Mike DeWine.

2. We are still accepting deposit for each and every puppy through PayPal or Square Reader. Final payment can be done through Credova, Square Reader, or Cash.

3. The health guarantee will be signed upon arrival. This is a very quick process and only will take a few seconds. Please read the health guarantee prior to arrival on our page.

4. I have added a page to our website "Pick Up Information Page, which will walk you through most things you will need to know. It is imperative that you do this prior to arrival so you will know what t o expect bringing home your new puppy.

5. All puppies will come micro-chipped, but I will no longer be registering them. There are multiple companies you can use, which includes Pet Key and AKC ReUnite. You do not have to have anything but the micro-chip # and puppies information to register.

6. Scam Alert- In the past I have had multiple customers say their veterinarian will not register the chip because they need the date the chip was implanted. THIS IS A BOLD FACE LIE! This is a ploy/gimmick for the vet to implant a second chip to make the money off of the chip and registration. Please don't fall for these tactics that some of the vets throw at you. You only need the microchip #, dogs information, and your information.

7. Once I exit the area and you want to get out of your vehicle please feel free to.


In several places through out my website I post that all deposits are non-refundable. I can not express this enough, if you place a deposit on a puppy and for any reason you decide not to get your puppy, YOUR DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE!  When a deposit is placed that puppy is held for you and only you, that's why a deposit is placed. No one else at anytime can place a deposit on that puppy because you placed a deposit. Now, because I have held this puppy for you an you decide at the last minute you do not want he or she that is not my fault and deposit will not be refunded. A deposit is my time and your time being held. So, please don't ask or try to reverse payment on a puppy that YOU indeed wanted and placed a deposit on. People like this stop other people from purchasing that said puppy because a deposit was placed. 

They try their shenanigans through every outlet they can. How my policies are changing due to them and how you, as a buyer, should be on top of the game. 

  1. I absolutely will not release any information but what I have on my site already. Scammers, which include everyday people like you and I, are asking for canine health records/vet records prior to purchasing. They, scammers, then take the records and my photos and advertise somewhere else, scamming other victims. 
  2.  Deposits are only placed now through Square Reader. No-other exceptions.
  3. I will not meet anyone, anywhere period. You must travel to my home location and follow my Covid restriction policies. 
  4. I will not send further pictures, videos, or Face-time at all. Yes, this is a scam....You ask how??? They have third party on the same line watching the video and thinking they are purchasing that said puppy. 
  5. If they don't get  their way the first thing they do is CRY SCAMMER! Yes, so correct. You ask why? This is a scare tactic hoping you will break and give them what they demand. 

To all the scammers that come my way. First, you do not scare me nor will you demand anything from me or my business. Second, anyone and I repeat anyone that knows me or my business practice knows I'm not a scammer. So please take your antics somewhere else.

Shihpoo (F) $1000.00 Blue Eyes

This baby girl is a doll baby! She is so outgoing, loving, playful, and ready to go to her forever home. If you are looking for an all around puppy, she is definitely the one for you. She has been vet checked, current on all vaccines, dewormings, and microchipped.

Shihpoo $1000.00

What a cutie!!!! This baby girl is a cream chocolate in color. She has brown eyes and a chocolate nose. She is very active and playful. She is ready for her forever home now. She should mature around 7 to 8lbs. 

Toy Poodle (F) $1200.00

Red Sable

This baby girl is so outgoing, loving, playful, and just a cutie!!!! She is such a great puppy. She is on the smaller side and I do not recommend smaller children due to her size. She is ready to go now to her forever home. Don't miss out on this cutie!

Shihpoo $1000.00

This bay girl has such a beautiful color. She is a diluted red with a chocolate nose and eyes. She is a very sweet, loving puppy looking for her forever home. She is on the smaller side and should mature around 7 to 8lbs. 

Toy Poodle $1000.00

What a rotten little thing!!! This guy is on the smaller side and full of energy. He is very outgoing, playful, loving, and looking for his forever home now. He is a red sable and should mature at about 7lbs.

Shihpoo $800.00

What a sweet, loving puppy. She is so outgoing, loving, playful, and looking for her forever home now She is a cross between a Shihpoo and Poodle. She should mature at about 9 to 10lbs full grown. 

Morkiepoo (F) $1000.00

Sold to Debra F.

Another cutie! This baby girl is a cross between a Morkie and a Poodle. She is on the smaller side and should mature at about 7lbs full grown. She is a black and tan and looks a lot like the Yorkie but favors the Maltese texture coat. Ready now for her forever home.

Toy Poodle (F) $1000.00


What a doll baby!!!! She is a hyper little thing and adores children!!! She would make an awesome addition to someone's home. Don't miss out on this baby!!!!

We only do by appointment, no-exceptions.