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Riverside Puppies

     Over the years we have modernized and offered different ways to pay for your new companion. This year, 2019, we are offering 100% financing through My Pet Funding, that's right 100% financing on your new puppy and all supplies needed for your puppy with easy monthly payments.

     If you want to use this option to purchase your new fur baby please click the link below or you can apply when you arrive to get your puppy. If you are using this option, you can be approved up to $5,000 within seconds of applying, depending on credit.

    I highly suggest applying prior to arrival so the process will be quicker, however either way is fine. Please let me know prior to appointment that you want to apply at our location so I do not book other appointments around that time frame.

    If you use My Pet Funding and you do ACH deposit, the only payment out of pocket that day owed will be $49.99. If you choose not to do ACH deposit your out of pocket expense that day will be $199.99.

    You are encouraged by Riverside Puppies to read thoroughly over your contract with My Pet Funding/Credova. Riverside Puppies will not be held liable for any misrepresentation of the contract held between My Pet Funding/Credova and y


Credova is a fast, easy way to get pre-approved for your new fur baby.


1st- Click the link below to get started.

2nd- Your Credova home page will appear, you are looking for the option button and you are going to click APPLY NOW.

3rd- This is a easy process. Its going to ask you a few questions regarding your personal history, so have your bank information ready.

4th- No worries when selecting a business. If you are more than 50 miles from my business, my business name Riverside Puppies will not appear. Continue to finish your application and immediatly call this number 1-833-Credova to get our business name added to your appliocation.

5th- Give us a call to let us know which puppy you are wanting

6th- Set up a time and date for pickup....and don't forget your drivers license.

7th- Sometime my html/link does not work...if not please type in to apply