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                                              Welcome to Riverside Puppies

We have several cute puppies at this time. Mini-Bulldogs, Bichon Frise's, Yorkie's, Yorkie-Shon's, Malti-Shon's, and Morkie's are just a few breeds that are available now. Many are listed below and all are listed on our Puppies For Sale Page. Our next group of Puppies are available for viewing on July 27, 2014.

                                                                            Havanese (M)

                                                                           Malti-Shon (M)

                                                                           Morkie's (Sold)

                                                                           Yorkie-Shon's (M/F)

                                                                           Yorkie's (M/F)

                                                                           Bichon Frise (M)

                                                                           Mini-Bulldogs (M/F)


       Mini-Bulldog (M) $800.00 

         On-hold for Michael W.

       Mini-Bulldog (M) $700.00

      Mini-Bulldog (M) $800.00

         Yorkie-Shon (F) $350.00  


         Yorkie-Shon (M) $350.00


          Yorkie (M) $350.00

            Yorkie (M) $350.00  

       Bichon Frise (M) $300.00

Plasma Cam Metal Die Cut.....

Indoors or outdoors and you choose one of our designs or personal order your own. I have them pictured on my wall inside my home. All die cuts have ben powder coated to preserve the finish.....

I am selling this stuff for a friend....if anyone is interested in a piece of it just give us a call....

  • Praying Cowboy $25.00
    Praying Cowboy $25.00
  • Welcome/Guns $25.00
    Welcome/Guns $25.00
  • Welcome/Cowboy
  • Deer
  • Horse $8.00
    Horse $8.00
  • Coyote $25.00
    Coyote $25.00
Praying Cowboy $25.00
Praying Cowboy $25.00