Riverside Puppies

Often Imitated but Never Duplicated!

                                      Welcome to Riverside Puppies

                                              We have several cute puppies at this time. Mini-Bulldogs, Yorkie's and Pugs...





                                                                                         Pugs (F /M)

                                                                                  Mini-Bulldogs (M/F)

                                                                                        Yorkie (M)



         Mini-Bulldog $600 (F)

     Mini-Bulldog (M) $1000.00

          Pug (F) $350.00

      Mini-Bulldog $850.00 (F)

         Mini-Bulldog (F) $600

              Yorkie (M) $350

      Mini-Bulldog (F) $600.00

         Mini-Bulldog (F) $600.00

             Pug (M) $350.00

Plasma Cam Metal Die Cut.....

Indoors or outdoors and you choose one of our designs or personal order your own. I have them pictured on my wall inside my home. All die cuts have ben powder coated to preserve the finish.....

I am selling this stuff for a friend....if anyone is interested in a piece of it just give us a call....

  • Praying Cowboy $25.00
    Praying Cowboy $25.00
  • Welcome/Guns $25.00
    Welcome/Guns $25.00
  • Welcome/Cowboy
  • Deer
  • Horse $8.00
    Horse $8.00
  • Coyote $25.00
    Coyote $25.00
Praying Cowboy $25.00
Praying Cowboy $25.00